Financial Planner Questionaire

Section 1: PERSONAL FINANCIAL INFORMATION (as of mm/dd/yyyy)

Date of Birth:
Marital Status:
Current Salary:
Other Income:
Current Assets:
Outstanding Debt:


1. Do you specialize in working with clients like me?
.....a. What actual percentage of your clients are people like me?
.....b. How does working with people like me allow you to find unique and specialized solutions?
.....c. Who are the key experts or companies you work with and how do they meet the needs of people like me?
.....d. How did you select these people/companies/products?
.....e. How long have you worked with them? How well do you know them?
2. What services do you provide for people like me?
3. How do you charge for your Services?
.....a. As a percentage of investment assets under management?
.....b. Hourly fee?
.....c. Fixed fee for plan development?
.....d. Combination of any of the above?
4. How long have you been in business?
.....a. What are your educational and professional credentials?
b. How many clients do you have? What are the average assets under your management?
c. How much in investment assets would you estimate that you personally manage in total for all your clients?
.....d. How much in assets does your firm have under management?
e. Can you give me several referrals?
5. How do you market your services?
.....a. Can you provide examples of your marketing efforts (if any)?
.....b. What have been your greatest successes with people like me?
.....c. What have been your biggest mistakes and what did you learn from them?
6. Will I get the type of service I need from you?
.....a. Will I be a priority account for you?
.....b. Are you available when I have questions?
.....c. How do you evaluate investments and tax strategies that are appropriate to my goals and risk tolerance?
.....d. How do you update me on relevant market events and changes in your outlook?
.....e. How often do we need to meet personally? Via phone?
.....f. How do you rebalance my portfolio as market conditions change
.......... or if I am not performing up to specified goals or benchmarks?
7. What is your outlook for the future of investments and why?
.....a. What experts do you rely on to project economic trends and what credentials and track records do they have?
.....b. How do you reevaluate and change investment strategies as long-term trends are projected to change?
8. Can you integrate all of my financial needs into a comprehensive financial plan?
.....a. If so, is the plan presented in a written document?
.....b. Is the document long and complex or is it clear and to the point?
.....c. How often do you update my financial plan and under what conditions or key events?