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from home in Columbia, SC

Ackerman Scholarships at the University of South Carolina

(one of these days I'll get around to posting the 2015 trip to Europe)

2016 Travel Itinerary:
May & June: Another motor trip out west
(New Orleans, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, more)

December/January (tentative): Israel & Jordan

Link to Rick's Retirement Page (last updated 5 September 2014)
Remembering Al Oerter (1936 - 2007)

Welcome to Rick and Rory's Travels and Retirement website. We hope our website will allow everyone to keep track of us and our adventures in retirement and around the world, and to communicate with us regardless of
Rick & Rory
(Dubrovnik 2013)
where we happen to be. You can "visit" some of the places we've been or peek at other events, activities, and topics we find interesting by selecting from the drop-down box ("Select a Destination") at the top of any page.

We moved to Columbia, SC from southwest Florida in May, 2008. We live about a two block walk from the University of South Carolina (USC) main campus. We continue to meet lots of people, make many new friends, and involve ourselves at the University and in our community. Not only is our house in a terrific location, but it's also almost maintenance-free, which allows us to "lock and leave" it when we're traveling.

Our life plan includes traveling, volunteering, continuing education, and local
Rory with Vicki Terhorst
(Buenos Aires, November 2004)
activities. We spent three years planning extensively in advance of Rick's retirement in 2006. (See Rick's Retirement page.) Our retirement and travel planning has been inspired by Paul & Vicki Terhorst, Billy & Akaisha Kaderli, and Lynne & Tim Martin. Paul & Vicki wrote the book "Cashing In on the American Dream: How to Retire at 35" (which is now out of print). You can visit their web site. Billy and Akaisha have written the book "The Adventurer's Guide to Early Retirement" (available on CD) "Here's the link."
Rory, Tim, Rick, Lynne
(October 2013)
Anyone who plans to travel in retirement (early or otherwise) will find considerable value in their book and on their website. Tim and Lynne have written the book "Home Sweet Anywhere: Reinventing an International Life One Country at a Time" and have a great blog site as well. After emailing back and forth for months, we finally met for 12 days at sea in October 2013.

On the homefront, Rick serves on the Executive Council of the University Hill Neighborhood Association and as the President of our Gibbes Green Homeowners' Association. He has taught "personal finance" seminars at the university and is listed on the USC School of Music website as "personal finance guru". We have taken full advantage of the opportunity to take classes at USC tuition-free. Rick's classes included acting (7), photography (2), photojournalism, and
Rick at Wimbledon
(August 2013)
history of modern architecture. He spent a semester as a staff photographer for the USC campus newspaper, "The Daily Gamecock". Rick made his acting debut in a student film project in which he had the lead role. (The video is up on YouTube.. Click on the link at the bottom of this page, if you dare.... ) Rick made his "stage debut" in Thornton Wilder's "The Skin of Our Teeth" in 2009. His second stage opportunity came in a student-written and directed play which ran at the end of February 2010. In November 2010, he appeared as Judge Randolph in "A Few Good Men", his first opportunity outside the university. He completed a second student film (see link below) in November 2010, and in 2011 he performed in Tennessee Williams' "A Streetcar Named Desire". So much for his acting credits. Here's the link to his final photojournalism project.

Rory serves on the Board of Directors of the Friends of the USC School of Music and as the treaurer and landscape committee (of one) on the Board of Directors of our homeowners association. She took her first class at USC--ceramics, and her creations can be found throughout our home.
Go Gamecocks!

We are avid supporters of the USC women's basketball and softball teams and attend most games. Rick knows many of the players and their families and occasionally attends practices. We also make road trips when travel distances are not too great.

We are proud of our relationship with the University of South Carolina and have established Ackerman Scholarships for deserving undergraduate and graduate students in the School of Music, the Darla Moore School of International Business, and the Department of Theater and Dance.

[Our email address is: RickandRory@AckTwo.com or click on "Email Us" at the top of this page.
Our Skype ID is: RickandRory. Rick is also on Facebook.]

In response to so many (OK, two) requests, we've provided a link to
the video of Rick's first acting role. Proceed at your own risk.....
"Last Words" - a short film
[Harvey (Rick), a lonely man without hope, downs a bottle of pills
in order to escape his wearisome life. He wakes up in what appears
to be the afterlife, only to discover that heaven is not eternal bliss,
but an on-going therapy session.]

And....the one you've all been waiting for: Here's the link to
the video of Rick's second film role.
[Rick plays Detective Cobbs, a stuttering, lisping, (no threat to Colin Firth) cop
charged with enforcing "The Laugh Act"
which makes laughter a crime.]